Hotel Hilton

  Gdansk Poland

The interior of the Gdańsk Hilton Hotel was created in collaboration with a group of London designers, who watched over the project to ensure a coherent use of colours across all areas. It was a wonderful experience. Every room features a set of glass paintings, with additional ones adorning the corridors and conference halls. Even the soap holders in the bathrooms are made from art glass. The greatest challenge, however, was the art installation on the patio, comprising around 24,000 glass elements, and 9 km of optical fibre weighing more than 1.5 tonnes, making it probably the longest fused glass chandelier in Europe at the time of its creation.

The use of optical fibres made it possible to achieve a different daytime effect with the use of natural firefly light when compared to nighttime, when the cables themselves create an additional effect.

The shimmering glass elements hanging in space reminded us of the ocean, jellyfish and flowers, hence the name Sea Flowers. A scaled-down version of the chandelier is still immensely popular with private clients and institutions.


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Artistic glass, design lamps and glass installations are currently one of the most developing architecture trends, therefore they are appreciated all over the world.